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Date:    To Be Advised

Time:    To Be Advised

Venue:  Golden Griddle Restaurant

             45 Carlton Street

             Toronto, M5B 2H9

             (steps from College Street subway station)


 Cost:    FREE

If we each shine one torch, we can light up the world!

Spiritual Coffee is a chance to meet new friends or catch up with old ones, to swap stories & experiences, to share learning & messages of a spiritual persuasion, to exchange readings & healing, or to just relax and chat over a coffee without worrying about what you say to your 'asleep' friends! It’s totally free-flowing, there are no agendas, just time and space for people interested in spirituality on any level, to simply meet, talk and share whatever is of interest to them.  What Spiritual Coffee is not - It’s not a place to sell products and services, and certainly not a place to judge others’ modalities and lifestyle. But it is a place to share knowledge and experience, and help out those that need some direction or tips.


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March Equinox 2012 Celebration & Potluck

Date:    To be advised

Time:   To be advised    

Venue:  To be advised

Gratitude offering:  $5.00

RSVP via text or email on +1416-831-8164 tatankanehweh@gmail.com

Gaia & Tribe 11.11.11 Sedona

Welcome to Gaia-and-Tribe Toronto, the sister group of GAIA-AND-TRIBE RECONNECTION, a light worker community founded in the UK in 2008 by Solara Anra. Please join us as we gather for sacred ceremony at the abovementioned location, to celebrate the special energies of this day and to take the opportunity to connect with our blessed Mother Earth and with fellow light community right here in Toronto!


We will be creating a sacred altar in the middle of our circle (or medicine wheel depending on location) so please feel free to bring along any offerings that you'd like to share, e.g. crystals, flowers, tobacco bundles, even a poem, prayer or song that inspires you.  These 'love offerings' assist in opening the hearts of all, allowing us to become direct channels of light and when we commune in this vibration, we anchor a portal of healing frequency into the space, the environment, the continent ... into our own lives and the world at large!  Let's gather and celebrate our love, appreciation & connection to the beautiful Earth with the help of the guides, ancestors and guardian spirits of the land.  Come and have fun!  Laugh and share, so if you have an instrument, a drum, a guitar, bells, your VOICE or even  some groovy gods/ goddess dance moves ... bring them along and a snack to share after too! :) It's joy that connects our sacred heart chakras to the human tribe, to Gaia and to her many kingdoms who all rejoice with us now, for we are ONE.

Gaia and tribe

click link above to view video from Gaia-And-Tribe Reconnection 11.11.11 celebration in Sedona, USA.

NOTE:  There are no events scheduled at this time.