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Discover Your Radiant Life:  Holistic Health 90-Day Program

This program focuses on achieving transformation.  In this 12 session system, which includes principles of nutrition, optimal performance, psychology & complimentary healing modalities, we will focus on restoring radiant health and balancing your life in effective, holistic and easy to integrate ways.  Through this program you will achieve habit changes that lead to the total transformation of your energy & body so that every area of your life can radiate with health, strength and vitality.  Afterall, you deserve to experience confidence & clarity and to live to your highest, happiest potentials!


In this program I will support and coach you into the discovery and creation of the health & life that you desire, based on the authentic wisdom of your own body and Being.   Together, we will establish the clear vision for your health and uncover a deep understanding of who you are & your unique talents, so that you can feel empowered & inspired to live in alignment with your purpose and to experience fulfillment.  This program is designed to help you transform (not just temporarily change) that which no longer serves your best and highest path.  


We will work together 1-to-1 through this 12 session system to reconnect you with your highest Life Vision so that you can become a radiant example of health, creativity & abundance, & of one who is passionately living their talents & purpose.  Your empowerment  will then inspire positive transformations in others too.


Who is this program ideal for?

-Busy professionals who feel a desire to honour their health, transform their bodies, manage stress, find focus and to bring more energy and passion to their work and life

-People who are dealing with chronic or acute health challenges and are deeply committed to transforming their experiences through exploring their relationship to food, movement, relaxation & sleep and to harnessing the healing powers of complementary therapies and a balanced lifestyle

- If you are supporting & serving your community (teachers, coaches, healers, therapists, physicians, social workers or a leader at home in your family) and if you identify with being an influencer or carer of others and need help with how to honour your own health and wellbeing in the process

-If you want to transform any of the 5 Big Areas of your life (Health, Money, Love/Relationships, Career/Calling, Connection to Something Greater), or to work on raising your energy, self-esteem, confidence and empowerment, then this program is for you.


Through this program you will learn lifetime skills that can help you to lose weight, gain energy, heal illness in the body and enable you to feel good physically &psychologically, while becoming more spiritually empowered to create and live your most magnificent life possible. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR STARTING POINT IS!  


If you want to discover and be the most beautiful, balanced and empowered version of yourself possible, if you’re ready for Transformation, then my greatest pleasure is to partner with YOU as your Health & Life Coach to implement the RIGHT SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY to get you there!



 Free 60 minute Discover Your Radiance:  Breakthrough Session 

This is a mini session to determine if working together is a good fit.   We don't dive nearly as deep as the 90 day sessions, however, it is a great way to jump start your journey and serve as a stepping stone to the deeper work in the 90 day program.

Email me to book your FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.




90 Day includes twelve 1-to-1 sessions designed to determine:

•What’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from losing weight, gaining energy, and transforming your body into the powerful gift that it’s designed to be.

•A powerful vision for your body & health transformation, and what it will mean for you as the foundation of your best life.

•Which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing down your vibration, health and life experiences ... and what to do about it.

•A step-by-step plan to create a radiant life & body transformation in 90 days or less.


•Learn how stress may be impacting your health (physically, psychologically, emotionally & spiritually) and how to reduce or negate its negative effects.

•Figure out how to minimize blood sugar crashes and increase your life-force vitality so that it’s available to energise every area of your life.

•Discover how to make small changes to your environment that result in huge changes in your health, wellness & happiness.

•Transform your life with sustainable changes and practices that fit into your lifestyle, no matter what your starting point is.

•Tons of tips, tools and experiments to help you discover what works most effectively for your body & spirit to feel most healthy & radiant.


 There are 3 investment options in the Program:  

1)     Invest in full at CDN$ 1,320.00 and save $300.00 which is the best deal

      (due by the agreed start date of the program)


2)    3 monthly payments of CDN$ 500.00  

       (1st payment due by the agreed start date of the program.  All subsequent payments are due by the final session date)


3)     6 bi-weekly payments of CDN$ 270.00  

       (1st payment due by the agreed start date of the program. All subsequent payments are due by the final session date)







* Single Clarity Coaching Sessions:

For topic specific (laser coaching) sessions outside of the 90-Day Program, please select the amount of time that you require from the drop-down Paypal menu below.

15 min -  CDN$ 45.00

30 min - CDN$ 75.00

60 min - CDN$ 135.00










-  I've been through the entire 90-day program with an incredible coach, Renel Raftopoulos, and I must say that it - or she - HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! :)_  Renel has discovered her niche and it's all about us, COACHES! ...all that I can say is that her work is valuable and that I am truly grateful to have been working with her. <3 - Tanja Senica, Health & Sports Coach - Hits Splits (Montreal, CA)



- The best part of doing the program was discovering new things about myself and the reasons why I do what I do…. I felt supported throughout the entire program… actually the program went beyond my expectations.  I would absolutely recommend the program to others.  I feel like I am more than ever clear on the subject of boundaries, in all aspect of my life. Also I feel like I am healed, as the past is not bothering me as much …I now  acknowledge the wound and I chose not to let it be painful …but let it go.  Also I learned that the change I  want in my family and my relationship with people around me, starts within me. I need to have control over me, and only me. The rest comes into alignment if I have the right energy and right state of mind.  I will do the work and I will not give up on my dreams but no longer will I be consumed by worrying about the result.  I appreciate a lot of things about my coach [Renel].  Her patience, her ability to explain things so well to me and most importantly the fact that throughout the whole program, not once I felt judged.  Renel, I want you to know that you are one of the most amazing persons I've ever had the privilege to know. You are not only a wonderful coach, you are a beautiful human being inside and out . You did a marvelous job coaching me and I’m forever grateful for that.  Thank you. – Keloudia Kohzadi Teixeira, Health and Life Coaching Canada


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Welcome to the Discover Your Radiant Life: Holistic Health 90-Day Program

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