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Channelled Message to the Earth Tribe - From Guides, Wentanoha (Native American Elder) & Eilon (Sirian Council) - 01/10 2000


Beloved children, we come to assist you at this time in your lives and in your evolution where great change and turmoil are being experienced both personally and on a global scale. We, the guides and helpers from above observe that no organism alive in your world remains untouched by the winds of change that speak to your lives at this time. It is our greatest desire to reach you and bring forth these messages of encouragement and to offer you guidance and insights into those areas of your life that cause you much distress. For when we see that you are suffering, confused or living in a way that is not in keeping with your true life’s purpose, it causes us great pain too dear ones.


It is our sincere bidding to be of service to you, divine creatures and creators, who now step into this time of knowing. For it is true that a great spiritual awakening is occurring across your planet and that no one will be left out from hearing these truths; that all life is sacred dear friends, all life is connected brothers and sisters and that you are divine extensions of that which is source energy. We wish to assist you now in awaking to your true potential, to your true rights as BEINGS who are glorious and magnificent to us who watch you from above.


We have so much love and appreciation for you who affect the way of many. This human life is not easy, it is a most complicated path on which you walk and for those with whom our message resonates, we would call for you to begin working consciously now with your higher guidance. Let us assist you in accessing this clarity, so that you may become more truly yourselves and step into your personal power. Each one of us has at this time, a responsibility to ourselves and to the whole to hear the truth and to bring healing, joy and conscious creativity to the experience of life. The time is now dear friends and family, we are here at your service. With great love we honour you, with great joy in our hearts we watch over you and with this message of introduction, we bid you a NAMASTE.