Holistic Spring Wellness

Greetings.  My love & appreciation goes out to all you everyday Masters.


May you come to discover your truth and the beauty of who you are through life's grandest adventures and may you pursue with commitment, courage and loving intentions your fullest life possible.


Whenever possible seek to express your talents, your passionate mastery beloved friends, no matter how great or small or silly you perceive your gifts to be.  In doing these talents you allow your best vibrations and joys to emerge into the world and it is through these sacred expressions that you heal yourselves and others.  It is why you are here.  To discover YOUR truth and to contribute YOUR signature piece to the great puzzle of Life in ways that only YOU- a unique Being throughout all of creation - ever can!


 At every opportunity allow love into your lives, your minds and into your hearts to nourish and centre you.  Also gift your sincere love to others, because it is what sustains everything and in return, it will make you happy.  Forgiveness is like a golden shower of light on the burdened soul and you my friends are the holiest rain-makers.  Permit yourselves then the peace of surrender.  Feel the joy and shout out 'YES!' whenever the divine light in simple things arises to inspire you as you go about your daily life.  Try to honour and respect each other's paths too, for we are all invaluable in this recipe of life and in such camaraderie you can never feel alone.  Nor will you fear your neighbour when you see that he/she is also your brother/sister living under the same roof of life, in Mother Earth's house.


 Particularly remember to breathe in deeply my friends and embrace with grace and faith all the opportunities and challenges of these changing times. Though much can feel uncertain or appear dismal from time to time, know that our lives here are indeed ascending to better expressions and really, all is well!  This Shifting is just serving to liberate our perspectives and to expand us higher and wider, so that we may finally fill each of our own great shoes, instead of walking life in the footsteps of others.  I am honoured to be here, to walk beside you and to co-create our experience of life, as we unfold it together.'  Blessings to you!


Tatanka Nehweh




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